There are a few different items in the list below. Find 2-3 things you have experienced or done in your life and write you name beside them. If you can't find anything you have experienced yourself, choose 2-3 you would like to do at some point in your life. Or add in extra experiences below and then write your name beside them.

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1. Travelled to another country 2. Taken a college course for fun 3. Has become a parent 4. Gone Snowboarding 5. Gone Skiing 6. Gone scuba diving 7 Gone Snorkeling 8. Has rescued a pet from a shelter 9. Volunteered for a charity 10. Have visited every province in Canada 11. Has gone on a road trip without having an exact destination 12. Plays an instrument 13. Has been to an NHL game 14.

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Additional items that you would like to add: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

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